Uusi yhteistyö tuo keskustelevan tekoälyn automaatioalustan Suomeen


Työskenneltyämme kahden vuosikymmenen ajan IT-palveluhallinnan alaa mullistavien ratkaisujen parissa havaitsimme, kuinka usein yritysten asiointi- ja asiakaskokemus olivat matalammalla tasolla kuin asiakkaiden vaatimustaso.

Halusimme auttaa suomalaisia yrityksiä, organisaatioita ja asiakkaita tämän asian kanssa. Päätimme keskittyä vahvemmin palvelukommunikaation osa-alueelle ja lähdimme etsimään maailman parhaita ratkaisuja.

Totesimme keskustelevan tekoälyn olevan yksi ratkaisu näihin haasteisiin. Se mahdollistaa, että asiakas saa ihmismäistä palvelua huippunopeasti ja joustavasti yhteydenottotavasta, -ajasta ja paikasta riippumatta. Tästä syystä valitsimme kumppaniksemme Cognigyn.

Virallinen lehdistötiedote yhteistyöstämme on nyt luettavissa alta.

Ainia expands its Conversational AI expertise by collaborating with software vendor Cognigy

Espoo, Finland/Düsseldorf, Germany, 30.10.2019

Businesses are beginning to automate their interactive workflows and processes to improve customer and employee engagement as well as to save costs in conversational contact scenarios.

While automated processes are logical, they aren’t always smart. They can’t intelligently react to unexpected requests.

Conversational AI is a key technology for conversational automation and will be the core component of customer service and service management interactions over the next five years. Cognigy is the global leader in the Conversational AI marketplace and provides Cognigy.AI as a Low-Code Conversational Automation Platform. Cognigy.AI is the integral connector to consolidate both end-to-end transactions and Conversational User Interfaces for both power users and end users.

Ainia has established itself in the field of IT service management, combining the right technologies for specific processes. The company has developed Switchboard Guys, a concept, whose sole focus is delivering modern service communication solutions for large- and medium-size businesses.

Companies are suffering from a lack of resources and difficulties working between different platforms and systems. This results in a sub-par customer experience.

Consumers want to contact a company and complete full transactions from their preferred channel. These modern consumers require more than many companies are set up to offer. Conversational AI is the right solution to address consumer demands through better automation, cross-platform dialogue and omnichannel conversation.

“The expectation level of modern consumers is much higher than the majority of current solutions actually offers. Consumers want to reach a company from the channel they use and be able to go through the whole exchange through it. We have seen that companies are suffering from a lack of resources, difficulties working between platforms and systems, and thus offer sub-par customer experiences. To help this through better automation, cross-platform dialogue and omnichannel conversation with AI solutions, Conversational AI is seen as the right solution and Cognigy as the right partner,” said Jani Valkonen, CEO at Ainia.

This partnership will enable customers to benefit from automated interfaces – known as chatbots and voice assistants – for personalized conversational experiences at scale. Ainia aims to be the leading provider of Conversational AI solutions in the Finnish market by guiding decision-makers through intelligent automation benefits and demonstrating Conversational AI use cases, which lead to significant time and cost savings, increased customer satisfaction and more upsell opportunities.

“We’re pleased to collaborate with Ainia, an experienced IT-service communication solution provider, to expand our business to the Nordic market. For us, Ainia serves as a door-opener to highly important Finnish-based enterprises and we look forward to driving significant improvement in Digital Transformation projects through integrated conversational automation solutions,” said Sascha Poggemann, COO at Cognigy.

About Cognigy

Companies are looking for efficient ways to offer seamlessly-integrated support services that act autonomously and automate processes to free up resources, but also offer innovative user experiences. To make use of the most intuitive and most simple interface, Conversational AIs allow an intelligent and automated dialogue, either spoken or written – across all customer touchpoints.

Cognigy is a global leader in the Conversational AI marketplace, with a highly-flexible enterprise Conversational AI Platform for building advanced, integrated conversational automation solutions through the use of cognitive bots. Leading organizations have standardized on Cognigy.AI to accelerate their adoption of conversational interfaces (bots, assistants and skills) and integrate with existing systems of record, all with enterprise governance (security, administration and compliance).

About Ainia

Ainia has a deep expertise in service communications. We are keen to innovate and create solutions that deliver a better customer experience and satisfaction as well as more efficient service processes. Through our Switchboard Guys concept, we bring solutions that are based on leading industry technologies.

The cornerstones of our expertise are in:

For us, the right solution is not simply to use a technology but to make sure that it is utilised in a way that supports our clients’ business.

Tiedustelut: Jani Valkonen, jani.valkonen@ainia.fi / +358 50 324 9416

Jani Valkonen