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Ainia battles with the arsenal of the modern technology.

We in Ainia believe, that the selection, productivity and quality of the current service management tools could be greatly improved. It is not down to the possibilities of technology - but more about acknowledging the needs, and the will to carry out the business and service management processes in a faster, more efficient and productive way.

AINIA was founded in 2008 with a goal to develop customer-oriented tools that improve the service level and competitivity of businesses.

We work as a partner for our clients, with common goals. Openness and trust are basic values in the business processes' evaluation and successful planning of purposeful solutions. We hold on to schedules and budgets. Our solutions are based on known technologies and our own extensions.


Jani Valkonen

  • CEO
  • Chairman of the Board

Jesse Lantinen

  • CTO

Juha Laine

  • COO
Ainia Management
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